Organic Sampling and Analysis

Safety should be everyone’s priority. At Environmental Express, High Purity Standards, and Zefon International, we are committed to providing you with the Organics sampling and analysis products required to ensure you and your co-workers are safe in the workplace. Below are products that will help streamline your workflow processes and instill confidence in your results.

HPS manufactures Certified Reference Materials designed to meet the requirements of NIOSH Manual of Analytical MethodsEPA Air Toxics Monitoring MethodsOSHAASTM, and similar methods that address the analysis of a broad range of hazardous components in the atmosphere. In addition to our extensive history in the manufacture of inorganic components on filter media, HPS manufactures CRMs of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) on tubes and passive samplers. Our products include an ISO 17034 Certificate of Analysis.

View High-Purity Standards Guide to Industrial Hygiene and Air Monitoring Certified Reference Materials

Sample Collection

Our line of organic industrial hygiene standards are prepared as custom products. Custom Certified Reference Materials are prepared on your choice of sampling media in a matrix designed to match your extraction/desorption efficiency process. ISO 17034 Certificates of Analysis accompany the standards. They include certified values that are based on gravimetric preparation during the production of a stock solution and on measurements of the weight of that stock solution deposited in the sorbent material. This value is then verified against a second source certified reference standard from an ISO 17034 accredited vendor via an appropriate analytical method. Blanks are accompanied by Certificates of Analysis that include the certified analytical results of the components of interest. 

Sorbent Tube Sampling Pump

Part NumberDescription
497697Gemini Twin Port Sampler

Sorbent Tubes

Part NumberDescription
ZST-001Charcoal Sorbent Tube, 6 x 70 mm, 50/100mg, 50/bx
ZST-002Charcoal Sorbent Tube, 8 x 110 mm, 200/400mg, 50/bx
ZST-020 Chromosorb 102 Sorbent Tube, 8 x 110 mm, 50/100mg, 50/bx
ZST-040Microlite Sorbent Tube, 6 x 70 mm, 200mg, 50/box
ZST-050Silica Gel Sorbent Tube, 6 x 70 mm, 150/75mg, 50/box
ZST-051Silica Gel Sorbent Tube, 6 x 70 mm, 100/50mg, 50/box
ZST-054Silica Gel Sorbent Tube, 8 x 110 mm, 520/260mg, 50/box
ZST-058Silica Gel Sorbent Tube, 10 x 110 mm, 260/1040mg, 50/box
ZST-060Silica Gel (specially cleaned) Sorbent Tube, 7 x 110 mm, 400/200mg, 50/box
ZST-070Tenax Sorbent Tube, 6 x 70 mm, 15/30mg, 50/box
ZST-074Tenax Sorbent Tube, 8 x 110 mm, 50/100mg, 50/box
APB-109022Sample Tube Cover, 6 x 70 mm
APB-109024Sample Tube Cover, 8 x 100 mm

Organic Vapor Monitoring Badges

Part NumberDescription
IH665511763M Organic Vapor Monitor 3500 Badge, 50/case
IH665511793M Organic Vapor Monitor 3520 Badge, 50/case
IH665511893M Formaldehyde Monitor 3721 Badge, 50/case

Sample Analysis

Organic Standards

Part NumberDescription
M0011Surrogates – Tinted BNA 100 µg/mL, 25mL
M0015Surrogates – Tinted BN 100 µg/mL A 200 µg/mL, 25mL w/o C
M0030Surrogates – Nonatriacontane/O-Terphenyl 80µg/mL, 25mL
BTEX-LM6C-A16 Component BTEX Standard at 200 µg/mL in Methanol-P&T, 1 mL

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