ICP-MS Single and Multi-Component Standards

High-Purity Standards offers a broad range of ISO 17034:2016 certified single and multi-component ICP-MS standards. The accuracy of all standards is verified against NIST Spectrometric Standard Solutions where available (otherwise against an ISO 17034 second source Certified Reference Material).

Single-Element Standards We offer single-component standards in the broadest range of matrices available. You can locate the element alphabetically by name, or search by part number. The part is set up as 10-XX-Y where XX is the last 2 digits of the associated NIST SRM 3100 series and Y indicates the matrix: HNO3 (-1), HCl (-2), HNO3 + HF (-3), H2O (-4), other options (-5 and up). Example: 10 µg/mL solution of aluminum in nitric acid is 10-1-1. This product is traceable to the NIST SRM 3101.



Zinc at 10 µg/mL in 2% HNO3 SKU: 10-68-1

$33.00 - $69.50

Zirconium at 10 µg/mL in 2% HNO3 + Tr HF SKU: 10-69-3

$33.00 - $72.50