Gemini Twin Port Sampler


SKU: 547697

Zefon’s Gemini Twin-Port Sorbent Tube Sampler can be used with the Escort ELF, or just about any other sampling pump able to pull a flow rate of 1.5LPM at 25″ of water backpressure. It offers increased flexibility and control in gathering samples through sorbent tubes. If air is being sampled for two or more contaminants, the Gemini can draw samples at independent flow rates through tubes containing different sorbents. In situations where a single contaminant is being sampled, sampling on two tubes of the same type can be done simultaneously at different flow rates. This type of sampling protects against breakthrough which occurs when a tube’s sampling capacity is exceeded because the concentration of a contaminant is higher than anticipated. Duplicate sampling at the same flow rate can also be done to achieve better results.


Valved mechanism allows flow control down to .001 lpm

Control the flow rate of each port independently

Includes tube covers to fit both large and small tube sizes