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Introducing “For the Love of Chemistry”
Penned by Connie Hayes, CEO

This year we are reviewing all of our product lines, understanding their history, who uses these items and why, and where research is needed. One of the reasons we are doing this is to honor our founder, Theodore Rains. As the custodian of his library, we have uncovered a wealth of material covering a broad range of analytical methods he employed while working at Oak Ridge National Labs and the National Bureau of Standards/NIST. It is clear from his material where many of our processes originated. But most importantly, Dr. Rain’s passion and love of chemistry is evident throughout.

Each month you will be seeing something from us. It might include a bit of history, current methods used, and other associated topical notes. Please reply back with any comments, ideas, photos, or notes of interest. Staying connected to the broader scientific community is beneficial to all of us. Dr. Rains would be proud!

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