Cleaned 37 mm PVC filters in quantities of 25

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Cleaned 37 mm PVC filters for use in air monitoring of hexavalent chromium. These filters are cleaned following a licensed process. Available in quantities of 25 filters. Bulk pricing available for larger quantities.

NIOSH 7600 OSHA ID-215 Method IOM sampler.

To address the need for clean blank PVC filters, we offer two methods of cleaning PVC filters to remove specific contaminants.

1. A patented process to remove chromium or vanadium1

2. An in-house method to remove silicon

A Certificate of Analysis with the concentration per filter of the removed analyte is included with the product.

1 Licensed from the United States of America under U.S. Patent No. 8,415,454, Rubenstein, M. “Hexavalent chromium and total chromium removal from polyvinylchloride (PVC) polymers”.

For 25mm PVC filters use this link: Custom Cleaned Filters to contact us for a quotation. Other sizes and filter media available.