Metals Sampling and Analysis

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NIOSH Method 7303-Elements by ICP 7303 (Hot Block/HCl/HNO3 Digestion).

HPS manufactures Certified Reference Materials designed to meet the requirements of NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods, EPA Air Toxics Monitoring Methods, OSHA, ASTM, and similar methods that address the analysis of dissolved and particulate metals in the atmosphere. Our products come with an ISO 17034 Certificate of Analysis. HPS has an extensive history in the manufacture of metals and Beryllium Oxide particulates on filter media. See High-Purity Standards Guide to Industrial Hygiene and Air Monitoring Certified Reference Materials and NIST SRM 1877 – Beryllium Oxide Powder.

You can also see our poster, Determination of Trace Levels of Hexavalent Chromium on Filter Media.

For Calibration/Analysis view our Metals on Filter Media products as well as our Hexavalent Chromium Products.

Hexavalent Chromium Products

These standards are traceable to NIST SRM 3112 for total chromium and a second source standard for the speciated form. ISO 9001:2015 certified, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 17034:2016 accredited.


Zefon International Sampling Products

Part NumberDescription
805560Escort ELF personal sampling pump with sampling line and 120V charger
738MCE37 mm 3-piece Cassette, Clear Styrene, 0.8 µm MCE, 50/box
729MCE-SS37 mm 2-piece Styrene Filter Cassette preloaded with a Solu-Sert Filter Capsule and banded, 50/box
7M93M 37mm 3-piece Air Sampling Filter Cassette re-loaded with 0.8 micron MCE Filters that are matched in weight to within 50µg
CLCL-DIS0810Disposable Inhalable Sampler (DIS), Cellulose/MCE Filter Capsule, 10/box
735PVC37 mm 3-piece Styrene Cassette with 5.0µm PVC Filters and banded with a clear shrink band. 50/box
7P52P-GS37 mm 2-piece Styrene Cassette preloaded with 5.0µm Grav-Sert™ filter capsule. 50/box
FPVC53737 mm PVC Membrane Filters, 5.0µm, 100/pack

Environmental Express Sample Collection and Preparation Products

Part NumberDescription
SC4250 GhostWipes – individual sealed, 15cm x 15cm, 1000pk
SC4250BE Be GhostWipes – individually sealed, 2″ x 2.75″,1000pk
UC475-NL UltimateCup™ – 50mL, Natural Linerless Cap, 500pk
SC505 Disposable Watch Glass for 50mL Digestion Cups, 1000pk
SC506 Disposable Reflux Caps for 50mL Digestion Cups, 1000pk
SC154 HotBlock® – 54-Position, 50mL
SC1832 HotBlock® 200 – Controller – 2-Block, Each
SC2050-36 HotBlock® 200 – 36-position, 50mL, 120V (Block Only)
SC980 Temp. Probe w/ PTFE Holder for 50mL Digestion Cup
SC0401 FilterMate™, PTFE, 100pk
SC0601 FlipMate 50, 0.45um PES w/ pre-filter, 100pk
EE1010201 Analytical Balance with Touchscreen, 160g x 0.1mg
SC4252 Lead Wipe Standard in 50mL Rigid Walled Cup, 10pk
SC4254 Lead Wipe Standard in Rigid Walled Cup, 100ppm, 10pk
SC4255 Lead Wipe Standard in Rigid Walled Cup, 200ppm, 10pk
SC4256 Lead Wipe Standard in 100mL Rigid Walled Cup, 10pk
F37500PVC37 mm PVC Filters with cellulose pads, 5.0µm. 100pk
F37501PVC37 mm PVC Filters, 5.0µm. 100pk
SC160 StirBase with remote controller for turning your HotBlock into a stirring HotBlock.
PW3710037 mm Cellulose support pads, plain white. 100/pk

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